I-Track LLC was founded in 2013 by high-tech R&D / manufacturing industry veterans with decades of experience in the semiconductor, solar, HDD and clean-tech industries. Before I-Track, Ian Chizmar and Matt Pfenninger (the founders) had worked on the implementation of many commercial manufacturing software systems, but always found them lacking in terms of flexibility and ease of use (not to mention cost). We often felt compelled to build our own applications in-house to meet the needs of our internal organizations. In doing that, we learned how to listen to the core customer and build applications that were easy to use, flexible and inexpensive to deploy. With I-Track, we bring our software know-how and manufacturing expertise to you by utilizing a cloud-deployment method called "Software as a Service", or SaaS.

The "Cloud" has become a buzzword as of late, and it's often not clearly defined in terms of what the end user will actually get. At I-Track, cloud-deployment means low-risk and ease of implementation. We take care of the IT infrastructure behind the scenes and provide our users with only the software solution they want. If you have an internet connection, you can utilize I-Track software!

We strongly believe that our applications have to be centered around the customer, making them simple to use yet powerful and efficient. Our no-contract subscription model allows the customer to manage their expenses without requiring large up-front investment, and the subscription price is determined based on tangible value rather than the number of users. We think it's ridiculous to charge for every user because it doesn't foster efficiency or visibility.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) can be extremely valuable tools when it comes to reducing cost, increasing yield and improving productivity. Many software vendors make a one-size-fits-all system that forces your organization to change the way you do business. Often times these systems are extremely cumbersome, require significant IT investment, and take 6-12 months to deploy. At I-Track, we believe effective manufacturing software can be implemented quickly and with very low development costs by leveraging the flexibility of cloud deployment and a rapid application development platform; we host applications that don't require you to purchase expensive servers or database licenses. The end result is a solution that does exactly what you want, within budget, with your business processes implemented in 6 to 8 weeks.

We take great pride in our ToolTrack MES Platform and constantly improve it based on customer feedback. We know how to deliver solutions that will exceed your expectations and we welcome the opportunity to earn your business.